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About Floors of London


Established in 2007 we have been working in conjunction with Tiles and Stone Ltd to supply and install exceptional flooring surfaces and cladding in a variety of materials.

We work primarily in central London but can work further afield, in wood, marble and stone but also  porcelain and ceramic tiles. Visit our shop Tiles of London.

Our projects range from penthouses to more modest affairs but we like to think we treat everyone equally well.

Although we are mainly a trade to trade business we can still deal directly with customers who have a genuine need for wood, stone or marble. If you have a building project on the go and have been left to source flooring or tiling then we will be delighted to contribute to making your home special.

We offer a first class supply and installation service, or you can buy general products direct from our shop London Floors Direct and install yourself or via your builder.

Marble hallway mock up

Masonry and Fine Finishing

Floors of London is backed up by an established workforce, united by a love of natural materials, and with the ability to produce first class work in every aspect. It is capable of working with small items of fine furniture through to complete stone and wood flooring packages for the Country's finest properties. Choose from our selection of Italian marble hereTiles and Stone

wood and stone

We recognise that just as each material has it's own set of characteristics, so too do their clients. To what extent we are involved in the overall production of the work is dictated by the client's requirements. The company is capable of being involved in:
the initial planning of the work (including environmental considerations, suitability of materials and selection of tiles and slabs);
the manufacture of the surfaces;
the site delivery and the fixing within the site.

Parquet and wood herringbone
Oak Cabuchons